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Messe "Salve Regina", "Psaume Solennel n°3", Chorals for trp. and organ, P. Cochereau, organ, R.Delmotte, trp, Maîtrises de N.Dame et d'Antony, Brass R.Delmotte, dir. P. Giraud et J. Revert, SOL14, 1980

Recording by Solstice of Jean LANGLAIS "Missa Salve Regina", Psaume Solennel n°3 and Chorals for trumpet and organ at Paris Notre-Dame Cathedral (Grand orgue: Pierre Cochereau, trumpet: Roger Demotte), Maîtrise de Notre-Dame, Maîtrise d'Antony, Brass Ensemble Roger Demotte,directed by Patrick Giraud and Jehan Revert.

Face A:

Messe "Salve Regina"

1.Kyrie 4'16

2. Gloria 4'52

3. Sanctus 2'44

4. Benedictus 2'55

5. Agnus Dei 3'47

Face B : Chorals for trumpet and organ (III. 1'47, I. 5'54, IV. 2'43) and " Psaume Solennel" n°3: 8'57

Disque 33 tours SOLSTICE-SOL 14, 1980.

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