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Ensemble Leonor, Marielle Cafafa, conductor, 2017

First recording of "Je suis aimé de la plus belle", first of the "Deux Chansons de Clément Marot" composed in 1931 by Jean LANGLAIS (his first opus published by Hérelle-Combre) for 4 mixed voices a capella. The vocal "Ensemble Leonor" is directed by Marielle Cafafa.

This CD includes other polyphonic works by French composers of XIXth and XXth century Pillois, Saint-Saëns, Milhaud, Albert and Jean Doyen, Bonheur, Ladmirault, Massenet, Hahn, Ravizé, Chailley, Poulenc, Ravel and Debussy. Décembre 2017.

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