Publications - Periodical articles (selection)

Orgelkunst (Belgium), jaargang 39, n°152, maart 2016, pp. 20-23

Marie-Louise Langlais: Jean Langlais en het onderricht van het orgeloeuvre van César Franck

At the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Jean Langlais' death, Marie-Louise Langlais publishes in the Flemish magazine "Orgelkunst" a text about Langlais' interpretation of César Franck's organ works.

in Flemish.

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Orgues Nouvelles (France) n°20, Spring 2013, pp.4-12

Jean Langlais, testimonies by friends and pupils

In this n°20 of the french magazine "Orgues Nouvelles", Marie-Louise Langlais coordinates a file on Jean Langlais; She asked testimonies to many Langlais' former pupils and friends; among them, Suzanne Chaisemartin, Naji and Marie Bernadette Hakim, Pascale Melis and some french pupils Langlais taught at the Paris Schola Cantorum : the successful film maker Coline Serreau, Marie-Agnès Grall-Menet, Olivier du Boisguehennec. Brenda Dean presents her association "Les Amis de Jean Langlais" and Marie-Louise Langlais evokes his American career as well as the importance of his compositions in the world today. Many photos show Langlais at different ages.

In a CD included, one can find a rare version of his "Te Deum" played by him at Sainte Clotilde in 1954, and also the first private recording of his "Messe d'Escalquens" recorded by the Luzern Hofkirche children choir (Switzerland), organ and conducting : Wolfgang Sieber.

In French.

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L'Orgue, Bulletin des Amis de l'Orgue, Paris, 2011-III-IV, n°295-296, pp.119-154

Michel Fischer : Vingt-Quatre Pièces pour harmonium ou orgue de Jean Langlais

Under the title "Vingt-Quatre Pièces pour harmonium ou orgue de Jean Langlais ; la maîtrise d'un langage musical sans fioritures", french musicologist, organist and composer Michel Fischer,associate professor at la Sorbonne faculty in Paris, analyses in details Jean Langlais "24 Pieces for harmonium or organ". Included in the french magazine "L'Orgue" under the title of : "Actes du Colloque International "L'Orgue à Paris dans les années 30" organized at the Paris CRR between june 3 and 5, 2010.

in French.

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UNA VOCE (France) n°268, septembre-octobre 2009

Jean Langlais: "Quelques souvenirs de mes jeunes années" (2ème partie)

Second part of Jean Langlais remembrances collected in his "Souvenirs", recorded and put on a CD, published in 2007 by DELATOUR (see the list of Langlais recordings in this website) at the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth.

in French.

UNA VOCE (France) n°267, juillet-août 2009

Jean Langlais: "Quelques souvenirs de mes jeunes années" (Ière partie)

This text by Jean Langlais comes from his "Souvenirs" (remembrances)recorded by him on tapes late in his life, and put on a Cd ("Mes Souvenirs") published in 2007 in France (éditions DELATOUR, see in his recordings list of this website) at the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth.

in French.

ORGELFORUM (Sweden) nummer 4 - 2007 argang 29

Marcus Toren : Jean Langlais (1907-1991)

Life and works of Jean Langlais, by the swedish organist Marcus Toren.

in Swedish.

MUSIK UND GOTTESDIENST (Switzerland) Heft 4, Juli 2007

Emanuele Jannibelli : Jean Langlais (1907-1991). Licht und Schatten

Emanuele Jannibelli evokes Jean Langlais' life and works with numerous pictures (pp.132-144) at the occasion of Langlais's centenary.

in german.

Orgelkunst (Belgium), jaargang 30, maart-april-mei 2007/1

Marie-Louise Langlais : Jean Langlais (1907-1991) en de generatie van de jaren dertig in Frankrijk

Marie-Louise Langlais places Jean Langlais in the middle of the 1930 french composers generation and exposes the main differences between these composers (Duruflé, Alain, Messiaen) and Langlais

in Flemish..

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Jean Langlais Thema : Souvenirs-Erinnerungen an Jean Langlais

Souvenirs I : Raum-zeitliche Transzendenzn, von Stefan Kagl, Herford

Souvenirs II : "Demut ist Wahrheit", von Daniel Maurer, Strasbourg

Souvenirs III : "Er ging ohne Abschied..." von Helga Schauetre-Maubouet, Paris

CD zum heft : Michelle Leclerc spielt Langlais (CD erhältlich)

in German.

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ORGANISTS' REVIEW (GB), february 2007

Marjorie Bruce : Jean Langlais, The Man and his Music

Marjorie Bruce studied organ playing with Jean Langlais at the Paris Schola Cantorum (1972-1974) and she used to be his guide many times when he toured England. She evokes two major Langlais scores, the "Première Symphonie" (1941)that she recorded, and "5 Mesditations on the Apocalypse" (1973)

in English.


Jean Langlais : "My concert tour of the United States, 1956"

translated from french by Kathleen Thomerson.

Excerpts from Jean Langlais Diary written during his third american concert tour.Jean Langlais shows his interest for american way of life and for the organ world and instruments, with a good sense of humour.

in English. Translated from french by Kathleen Thomerson.

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Une somme théologique et musicale, L'Orgue n°154, avril-mai-juin 1975, pp.43-51

"Neuf Méditations sur le Mystère de la Sainte-Trinité" by Olivier Messiaen - "Cinq Méditations sur l'Apocalypse" by Jean Langlais

Study and comparison between these two works by Olivier Messiaen and Jean Langlais, published in 1973 and 1974.

in French

American Guild of Organists Quarterly (USA), vol.X, n°2, April, 1965, pp.47-54.

Kathleen Thomerson: Errors in the Published Organ Compositions of Jean Langlais...

This list of errata compiled by Kathleen Thomerson has been approved by Langlais. A few revisions suggested by the composer are included. This article compiles organ works by Langlais from "Trois Paraphrases Grégoriennes" to "Trois Méditations sur la Sainte-Trinité."

in English.

CAECILIA (USA), Volume 86, n°2, Summer 1959, "Review", pp. 73-82.

Seth Bingham: The Choral Masses of Jean Langlais.

Compared analysis of Jean LANGLAIS' four choral Masses by an American composer, Seth Bingham: "Messe Solennelle," Missa "In Simplicitate", Mass in Ancient Style and Missa "Salve Regina".

in English.