Musicians from several countries will observe the Langlais centenary by recording diverse works of the composer ranging from solo organ to vocal ensemble compositions. The first to appear featured works for one voice and organ, or for equal voices and organ, such as the MISSA IN SIMPLICITATE

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Centenary Celebration, 4 CDS
The german recording firm Motette, for the centenary of Jean LANGLAIS birth, publishes a set of 4 Cds, featuring Jean Langlais mostly "live" in concert, playing Bach, Franck, Vierne, but also his own works (Te Deum, Incantation, Esquisses for 2 organs with ML Langlais, 2nd organ) and improvising at Ste Clotilde or on german organs.Motette completes this unique serie by adding other interpreters playing Langlais music, as the "Vokalensemble Kölner Dom" singing Langlais Messe Solennelle, or the trumpeter Freddy Grin,as organists Naji Hakim, Stefan Kagl, Winfried Bönig, Dick Klomp, Pilar Cabrera, Marie Ducrot.
A unique testimony.