Some music publishers wished to celebrate the Langlais centenary, by printing some unpublished works, such as the MESSE D’ESCALQUENS, Langlais’ first choral mass dating from 1935, as well as some unpublished motets for equal voices and organ.
2007 will also serve as the occasion to reprint some out-of-print scores, such as the SUITE ARMORICAINE for solo piano.
O Salutaris
Jean Langlais composed this short motet for 2 equal voices and organ, op.36, during Second World War, sort of protest for peace in the middle of the storm.
2 pages, approximative duration 2mn

Messe d'Escalquens
First vocal mass composed by Jean LANGLAIS during summer 1935 in Escalquens, village near by Toulouse in southwest part of France, were his family-in-law was living, this work has been written for the parish choir Langlais used to accompany during the sunday mass.
In love with this beautiful village, Langlais is buried in the cemetary relied on the church.
This mass, for equal voices, simple and poetic consists of Kyrie - Gloria - Sanctus - Benedictus - Agnus dei, in latin, receives here his first publication, by Editions Voix Nouvelles
approximative duration : 8 mn

Tantum ergo (Trois Prières)
For Jean LANGLAIS centenary, the french music publisher Leduc reprints the last of the Trois Prières, "Tantum ergo" for solo or unisson choir voice and organ or piano, printed for the first time in 1948 by Bornemann
2 pages.Duration : about 2'20

Oremus pro Pontifice
Jean Langlais wrote this motet for 2 equal voices and organ, op.45 n°3, in 1943, in the middle of Second World War,as a prayer and an assertion of holy pope primacy on the tragic events of the period.
6 pages. Approximative duration : 3mn

Offertoire for the office of Ste Claire
This offertory for 3 equal voices, op.131,has been composed by Jean Langlais in 1962, for one of his goddaughter, nun in the Ste Clara order.
We can remark modality and middle-age formulas in this very simple music.
approximative duration : 2mn

Trio pour flûte, violon et alto
Still composition pupil of Paul Dukas in his class at the Paris Conservatoire, Jean Langlais wrote in 1935 this trio, also called "Suite Brève" for an unconventional ensemble : flute, violin and alto, divided in fours sections :
I - Prelude blanc
II - Guirlandes
III - Fuguette
IV - Gigue
general score : 15 pages
Approximative duration : 10 mn

Legende de la ville d'Ys
solo voice and piano
For the centennial, Combre publishes a solo voice and piano of "La Ville d'Is" already published by them in a 4 mixed voices a capella in 1947
5 pp.
Approxim. duration : 3mn

Suite armoricaine pour piano
Composed during summer 1938, this Suite armoricaine for piano op.31 shows a young composer in love with his native Brittany, which is attested by the 5 subtitles of the work, describing fishermen, breton dances, shells and birds.
Approximative duration : 12 mn

13 Pièces d'orgue, composées entre 1956 et 1976
Some little organ pieces composed by Jean LANGLAIS between 1956 and 1976 are now out of print.
For the centenary of his birth, the french publisher DELATOUR decided to reprint these works in one volume, with, included, their recording on a CD made by Marie-Louise LANGLAIS at the Grenzing organ of the Paris Regional Conservatory.

Cantate en l'honneur de Louis-Marie de Montfort
Published for the first time, this cantata was composed by Jean LANGLAIS in 1947, for the School for Blind Girls in Larnay, near by Poitiers, to celebrate the memory of Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort, founder of the Congrégation des Filles de la Sagesse.
Written for 3 equal voices, soprano solo and organ, this cantata was unknown since 1947, and
has been published this year for the centenary occasion.
Duration : circa 6 minutes