Musicians from several countries will observe the Langlais centenary by recording diverse works of the composer ranging from solo organ to vocal ensemble compositions. The first to appear featured works for one voice and organ, or for equal voices and organ, such as the MISSA IN SIMPLICITATE

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Maîtrise des Bouches-du-Rhône, dir. Samuel COQUARD, Marie-Louise LANGLAIS, organ
Samuel COQUARD, directing his children choir (Maîtrise des Bouches du Rhône), records, at the end of this year of the centenary, an all LANGLAIS choral programme for equal voices and organ, including well known music as "Missa in simplicitate", "5 Motets" and "3 Prayers", but also unknown music published in 2007, long after Jean LANGLAIS 'death, as the "Cantate à St Louis Marie de Montfort" (3 equal voices and organ) or the "Messe d'Escalquens" (2 equal voices and organ).
Marie-Louise LANGLAIS accompanies these works, and alone, she plays on the organ of Roquevaire, some solo pieces by LANGLAIS (Incantation pour un Jour Saint, Cantique and Canzona from Folkloric Suite and Pasticcio from the Organ Book).