Musicians from several countries will observe the Langlais centenary by recording diverse works of the composer ranging from solo organ to vocal ensemble compositions. The first to appear featured works for one voice and organ, or for equal voices and organ, such as the MISSA IN SIMPLICITATE

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Caro Mea (Messe Solennelle)
Music and liturgy : a risky encounter...Langlais explores this field with rare skill, uniting tradition and modernity.
This Cd, recorded by the feminine vocal ensemble "Ad limina" with Emmanuel Le Divellec, organ, reconstitues a Holy Sacrament Mass with rare music by Jean Langlais, including the "Messe d'Escalques" (1935) published in 2007 for the first time for the centenary, and "Corpus Christi", sacred suite for 4 equal voices and organ in 6 movements composed in 1979