Scores - Instrumental music


"Suite" pour piano à 4 mains

1.Cloches de deuil - 2.Danse armoricaine - 3.Menuet - 4.Mélodie en forme de canon - 5.Gitana - 6.Rhapsodie sur des thèmes anciens

Playing time : ca. 10'30

Editions Henry Lemoine (Site web)


Diptyque Symphonique Sacré for Organ and Orchestra, first publication.

I. La Nativité II. TE DEUM

Jean Langlais entered the Paris Conservatoire Composition class of Paul Dukas in 1934. Under his direction he orchestrated 2 of his organ works, "La Nativité" (Poèmes Evangéliques) and "Te Deum" (Trois Paraphrases Grégoriennes) for organ and orchestra. These famous pieces for organ are now published, in 2016, for the first time, in the organ and orchestra version, by edtiions Bon(n)orgue, in Germany, at the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the death of Jean Langlais.

Playing time: ca. 10 min.

Editions bon(n)orgue (Site web)


La Voix du Vent, Op. 11

Hymn for Choir, Soprano solo and Orchestra, first publication.

"La Voix du Vent", op.11, Hymn for mixed choir, Soprano solo and Orchestra, was Jean Langlais' first orchestral work composed in February-March 1934 on a poem by G. Carimalo.

The composer conducted himself the premiere of this Hymn on November 15, 1934, at the church of Saint-Germain in Rennes, France.The score, unpublished until 2017, asks for 2 fl., 2 hb, 2 cl.(A), one horn (F), 2 trp. (C), 2 tympanies, strings, Soprano Solo and mixed choir. The score, realized by Richard Powell, can be sent (at no charge), along with a reduction for Piano 4 hands with Choir and Soprano solo, as well as the separate parts, by sending an email to Marie-Louise Langlais (

Duration: 7mn 45

An electronic mp3 of this work, realized by Richard Powell, can be sent also at no charge on demand to

Editions marie-louise langlais (Site web)


"Pièce en forme libre" for string quartet or strings and organ

adagio - allegro molto - piu lento - adagio

Playing time : ca.13 min.

Recording available on YouTube of the recording made in 1994 in London by the London Pro Arte Orchestra conducted by Murray Stewart. Organ: Marie-Louise Langlais.

Editions Henry Lemoine (Site web)


Trio pour flûte, violon et alto

I. Prelude blanc - II. Guirlandes - III. Fuguette - IV. Gigue

Published in 2007, for the centenary of Jean Langlais, first edition of this trio for flute, violon and alto composed in 1935 at the Paul Dukas composition class.

Editions Delatour (Site web)


Mouvement perpétuel for piano

Playing time : ca.3 min.

Editions Henry Lemoine (Site web)


Symphonie concertante for cello and orchestra

I. Adagio sostenuto - II. Introduction et vivace - III. Adagio - IV. Allegro appassionato

for cello solo, 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 horns, strings and timpani

Duration : ca. 20 mn.

Editions Carus Verlag (Site web)



for cello, piano or organ

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Jean Langlais' death in 2011, Carus publishes for the first time an arrangement for cello and piano or organ found in the composer's archives of the first movement of Jean Langlais "Symphonie concertante pour violoncelle et orchestre" written in 1936 and published by Carus in 1999.The title "Supplicatio" has been chosen especially for this first publication of this arrangement..

Duration : circa 4 min.

Editions Carus Verlag (Site web)



for cello with or without piano

Published by Combre in 1975

Editions Henry Lemoine (Site web)


Choral Médiéval for 3 trumpets, 3 trombones and organ

Playing time : ca. 3 min.

Editions Carus Verlag (Site web)


Thème, Variations et Final Op. 28

for Organ solo, trumpets, trombones and strings

This work, composed in 1937 for the"Amis de l'Orgue" composition competition, won the "First Mention à l'unanimité", the only award distributed.

It is a Theme with variations for organ and strings concluded by a monumental Fugato where trumpets and trombones appear suddenly with the orchestra and the organ.

The organ solo part is on sale at Doblinger (n°02511 of the catalogue) and the performance materials are available on hire.

Duration: ca 11 min.

Editions bodensee (Site web)


Suite armoricaine for piano

I. Epitaphe pour les marins qui n'ont pas eu de tombe - II. Le vieux pêcheur au large - III. Danse bretonne - IV. Coquillage solitaire - V. Conciliabule chez les mouettes

Playing time : ca.9'30

Editions Henry Lemoine (Site web)


Suite Bretonne for strings

I. Epitaphe pour les marins qui n'ont pas eu de tombe - II.Menuet de cour - III.Danse de village

Editions Henry Lemoine (Site web)


Deux Pièces for flute and piano

I. Histoire vraie pour une Môn - II.Rondel dans le style médiéval

Editions Henry Lemoine (Site web)


Suite Concertante pour violon et violoncelle

in 4 movements: 1. Danse rustique - 2. Cantilène - 3. Chasse et Danse - 4. Final.

Duration: circa 12'

Editions Henry Lemoine (Site web)


Trois Danses for winds, percussions and piano

Danse I - Danse II - Danse III

for english horn, 2 bass clarinets, 2 fagots, 3 trumpets, 3 trombones, percussions and piano

Score and performance material sold

Duration : ca. 14 mn

Editions Carus Verlag (Site web)


First Concerto for Organ or Harpsichord and Orchestra (Erstes Orgelkonzert)

I. Poco allegro - II. Andante - III. Final

for 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 fagots, organ or harpsichord and strings orchestra

Score and performance material sold.

Duration : ca. 18 mn

Editions Dr.J.Butz (Site web)


"Canzona" from the Folkloric Suite for Organ and Brass Quartet

adapted by Kenneth Danchik

In 2003, organist Kenneth Danchik adapted for organ and Brass Quartet "Canzona" from Jean LANGLAIS "Folkloric Suite" published in 1954 by FitzSimons.

Exclusively distributed by Hal Leonard.

Editions Hal Leonard (Site web)


Paean of Joy

based on "Pasticcio" (Organ Book) for Handbells and organ. Adaptation and arrangement by Sue Mitchell Wallace

Bells used : 3 octaves, 35-38 bells. The original version for organ appears in Jean Langlais'ORGAN BOOK (publisher : Theodore Presser)

Editions Theodore Presser (Site web)


Deuxième Concerto for organ and strings

I. Thème et variations - II. Interlude, for organ solo - III. Final

The first movment of this concerto is the "Thème, variations et final" for strings and organ, composed in 1937 for the composition competition "Prix des Amis de l'Orgue". Langlais won the 2nd Prize (no first given).

Second movment is a brief interlude for organ solo, and the third one is a "Final" for strings and organ which includes "Plainte" (Suite Brève) in an orchestration for strings and organ.

Organ solo score sold, performance material rental only.

Playing time : ca. 29 min.

Editions Universal (Site web)



for Dixtuor (strings, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn in F)

Composed in 1965 for the French instrumental group "Musica Aeterna, directed by Odette Ramon. Premiered at the Théatre des Champs-Elysées in Paris, on March 12, 1966.

Reproduced on PDF by Richard Powell (2020).

Duration: 8mn.

The PDF (16 pages) maybe ordered for free on demand to

Editions marie-louise langlais (Site web)



for Handbells alone

This work, composed in 1968 for handbells, was first published by H.W. Gray. Permanently out of print, it exists two other versions of this work (for 3 Octaves, 37 notes and 5 Octaves, 53 notes) arranged specifically for handbells (37 or 53 bells used) by Glenn Shields Daun, also permanently out of print.

All versions can be sent for free on demand to

Editions marie-louise langlais (Site web)


Cortège for 2 organs, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, tympanies ad lib.

Editions Carus Verlag (Site web)


Troisième Concerto " Réaction " for organ, strings and tympanies

Introduction - Vif - Fugue - Cadence - Conclusion

Organ solo part and performance part sold, performance material rental only.

Duration : ca. 23 mn

Editions Universal (Site web)


Pièce for trumpet (or oboe or flute) and organ or piano or harpsichord

Introduction - Andante - Final

Playing time : ca.16 min.

Editions Henry Lemoine (Site web)


Sept Chorals for trumpet (or oboe or flute) and organ, piano or harpsichord

I - II - III - IV - V - VI - VII

Playng time : ca.23 min.

Editions Henry Lemoine (Site web)


Diptyque for piano and organ

1rst movement - 2nd movement

Playing time : ca. 10 min.

Editions Henry Lemoine (Site web)


Cinq Pièces for flute (or violin) and piano or harpsichord or organ

n° 1 to 5

Composed from his "5 Melodies" for mezzo-soprano and piano on poems by Ronsard and du Bailif (1954)

Duration: about 10 mn.

Editions Henry Lemoine (Site web)


Sonatine for trumpet and piano, or harpsichord or organ

Allegro - Andantino - Mouvement perpetuel

Playing time : ca. 13 min.

Editions Henry Lemoine (Site web)


Pastorale and Rondo

for 2Bb Trumpets and Organ

in 2 movements (I- Pastorale 2- Rondo)

Duration: circa 8'30.

Editions Theodore Presser (Site web)


Petite Rhapsodie for flute and organ

Collection "Panorama" - Flute 2

Editions Billaudot (Site web)


Petite Suite for piano

n°1 - Danse Bretonne

n°2 - Il est né le divin enfant

n°3 - Ah! vous dirai-je maman

n°4 - J'ai du bon tabac

Editions Henry Lemoine (Site web)


Neuf Pièces for trumpet and organ or piano

n°1 to 9

Playing time : ca. 25 min.

n°1 to 8 can be played equally with oboe or flute in place of the trumpet, or even with the horn for some.

Editions Henry Lemoine (Site web)



for flute, oboe or violin and keyboard (piano, harpsichord or organ with pedal ad libitum).

Duration: about 6 mn.

Editions stretta books (Site web)



for clarinet in Bb and piano

published by Combre.

In one single movement

Duration: about 10'30.

Editions Henry Lemoine (Site web)



for flute or violon solo.

Unchained 36 Sequences.

Duration: about 12'

Editions Henry Lemoine (Site web)


Etudes for 1, 2, 4 cellos

Violoncelle I - Violoncelles à 2 - Violoncelles à 4

Editions Fuzeau (Anne Fuzeau Productions) (Site web)


Ceremony for brass ensemble

I (vivo) - II - III (calme) - IV (final)

for 6 trumpets, 4 trombones, 2 tubas (or 3 trumpets, 2 trombones, 1 tuba)

Editions Henry Lemoine (Site web)