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2015/10/14 - 07:30

Dorothy Young Riess Organ Concert (USA)

Asuza Pacific University, Munson Chapel (USA)

Dorothy Young Riess jplays works by Du Mage, Bach, Saint-Saëns, Howells, Stravinsky, Young Riess and Jean LANGLAIS' Suite Médiévale : "Acclamations carolingiennes".

2015/10/17 - 18:00

Organ Recital by Cheryl Van Ornam

St John's Church, Richmond, VA (USA)

Cheryl Van ornam plays works by Bach, Chopin, transcriptions and "Prélude" and "Acclamations Carolingiennes" from Jean LANGLAIS' Suite Médiévale.

2015/10/17 - 20:30

Final concert, "Amis des orgues de Moulins", season 2015, organ recital Alice Bénévise

Cathédrale de Moulins (France)

For the final organ concert of 2015 series at Moulins Cathedral, Alice Benevise chooses a program including works by Buxtehude, Guilmant, Brahms, Franck, Duruflé, Messiaen, and, by Jean LANGLAIS, "Chant de paix" and "Chant héroïque" from Neuf Pièces.

2015/10/18 - 11:00

Festal Eucharist at Saint Thomas

Saint Thomas Church, New-York City, N.Y.

For the Festal Eucharist at St Thomas Church in New-York City, the mass sung is Jean LANGLAIS " Messe Solennelle", with the St Thomas Choir of Men and Boys.

2015/10/20 - 12:30

"Midday Music concert Series", organ recital by Claudia Dumschat

The Church of the Transfiguration, New-York City

In the "Midday Music Concert Series, organist Claudia Dumschat plays Jean LANGLAIS "Suite Médiévale" (Prélude, Tiento, Improvisation, Communion, Acclamations Carolingiennes).

2015/10/31 - 19:15

All Saints Music Festival, L'Inviti Singers, dir. David Guest, Hew Williams, organ

All Saints'Church, Blackheath, London (GB)

Concert choral and organ solo with L'Inviti Singers directed by David Guest, Hew Williams, organ, in a program featuring Messiaen, Gibbons, Bach, Parry, Rutter, and Jean LANGLAIS "Messe Solennelle".