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2018/10/03 - 19:00

Récital flute and organ, with Nataija Saveljeva, flute, and Jacinta Ciganovica, organ

Riga Dom (Latvja))

flute and organ at the Riga Dom, with Natalia Saveljeva, flute, and Jacinta Ciganovica, organ. Works by Kalnius, Grins, Kaisons, Fauré, Alain and LANGLAIS.

2018/10/04 - 09:00

2018/10/07 - 11:00

Solemn Eucharist, The Feast of Dedication, The St Thomas Choir of Men and Boys directed by Daniel Hyde, Benjamin Sheen, organ

Anglican Cathedral Saint Thomas, New-York City (NY)

For the Solemn Eucharist, Bishop Andrew St John presides the Liturgical Feast of Dedication for the dedication of the new Miller-Scott organ built by Dobson. The St Thomas Choir of Men and Boys, directed by his Music Director Daniel Hyde, with Benjamin Sheen at the organ, sings Jean LANGLAIS's Messe Solennelle.

2018/10/07 - 11:15

Organ recital by Katelyn Emerson (USA) with Henry van Engen, trombone

Klosterkirche, Alpirsbach (Allemagne)

Katelyn Emerson played works by Messiaen, Dutilleux, Boëly, Titelouze, Vierne, Franck, Guilmant, Dusapin), and Jean LANGLAIS' "Sonate en trio". As an encore she played, also by LANGLAIS, his "Trio" (Triptyque).

2018/10/07 - 16:00

Organ festival, Roquevaire (France), organ recital by Dexter Kennedy (Grand Prix de Chartres 2014)

Church St Vincent, Roquevaire (France)

At the Roquevaire 22nd Organ Festival, Dexter Kennedy, Grand Prix de Chartres 2014, jplays works by Bach, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Pierné, Barraine, Albright, Baker, and, by Jean LANGLAIS, "Fête".

2018/10/07 - 16:00

Organ recital by Alessandro Bianchi (Italy)

Italian organist Alessandro Bianchi plays works by Mathias, Bach, Liszt, Cooman, Stamm, Hidas,and, by Jean LANGLAIS, "Canzona"(Folkloric suite).

2018/10/14 - 16:00

Concert "Dames de choeur", directed by Olivier Borer, with Christophe Allaz, organ

Catholic Church, Founex (France)

Les "Dames de choeur", vocal ensemble directed by Olivier Borer with Christophe Allaz, organ,sing works by Monteverdi, Fauré, Britten, and, by Jean LANGLAIS, two motets for 2 equal voices,"Tantum ergo" and "Ave mundi gloria" (5 Motets).

2018/10/21 - 16:00

Concert "Dames de Choeur", chamber choir directed by Olivier Borer, with Christophe Allaz, organ

Combloux Church (France)

The chamber choir "les Dames de choeur" , directed by Olivier Borer with Christophe Allaz, organ, sings works by Monteverdi, Fauré, Britten, and two Motets by Jean LANGLAIS: "Tantum ergo" and "Ave mundi gloria"(Cinq motets)

2018/10/26 - 17:30

"Fisk Festival", organ recital by Scott Montgomery (USA)

First Presbyterian Church, Santa Fe, NM (USA)

For the "Fisk Festival" à First Presbyterian Church, Scott Montgomery plays organ works by Bruhns, Bach, Debussy, Karg-Elert, Ireland, Utterbach, Guilmant, Buck, Paine, and, by Jean LANGLAIS, "Fête".

2018/10/28 - 15:00

Doctoral Recital, University of Toronto (Canada), Sarah Svendsen, organ

Metropolitan United Church, Toronto (Canada)

Sarah Svendesn, for her second (of three) doctoral recital et the University of Toronto (Canada), plays all the Jean LANGLAIS Première Symphonie for organ (Allegro - Eglogue - Choral - Final).

2018/10/28 - 15:00

Organ recital by Jennifer Pascual (USA)

St Ignatus Loyola Church, New-York City, NY

Jennifer Pascual plays organ works by Bach, Cherubini, Ravel, C. Schumann, F. Mendelssohn, and, by Jean LANGLAIS, "Ave Maria, ave Maris stella" (Trois Paraphrases grégoriennes).