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2018/09/09 - 16:00

"Herforder Orgelsommer Abschlusskonzert", organ recital by Stefan Kagl (Germany)

Herford Dom (Germany)

For the "Herforder Orgelsommer Abschlusskonzert", Stefan Kagl, plays works by Sweelinck, Peeters, Schütz, Händel, Guilmant, Hirtzbruch, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Helmschrott, Franck and by Jean LANGLAIS, "Poem of peace".

2018/09/12 - 13:00

"Lunchtime Organ Recital", Stephen Bell, organ

Sherborne Abbay (GB)

For the "Lunchtime Recital" of September 12, organist Stephen Bell (GB) plays works by Bach, Buxtehude, Walcha, Franck, Parry, Howell, and Jean LANGLAIS "Te Deum" (Trois Paraphrases Grégoriennes).

2018/09/14 - 19:30

"Battle of the Organs", Organ recital by D'Arcy Trinkwon and John Scott Whiteley (GB)

Selby Abbey (GB)

Organists D'Arcy Trinkwon and John Scott Whiteley play together in the "Battle of the Organs" works by Mendelssohn, Lucchinetti, Handel, and by Jean LANGLAIS, the"Esquisse Gothique" n°3 (Trois Esquisses Gothiques for 2 organs).

2018/09/15 - 12:00

"Noon Concert", Gereon Krahforst, organ

Abbey Church, Maria Laach (Germany)

For "Noon Concert" at the Abbey Church (Maria Laach), Gereon Krahforstplays irgan works by Dandrieu, Krahforst, Demessieux, Brewer, and, by Jean LANGLAIS, "Consolatrix afflictorum" and "Regina angelorum" (Offrande à Marie)

2018/09/15 - 18:00

Organ recital by Florence Rousseau and Loïc Georgeault (France)

Holy Trinity Church, Gosport (GB)

Florence Rousseau and Loïc Georgeaultplay organ works by Bach, Mozart, Mendelssohn, C.Schumann, Ladmirault, Tournemire, and, by Jean LANGLAIS, "Menuet" and "Danse bretonne" (Suite bretonne) and "Double Fantaisie" for 2 organists (Mosaïque 1).

2018/09/15 - 20:30

Organ recital by François Mazouer

Eglise Saint-Louis, Vincennes (France)

François Mazouter plays organ works by Bach, Buxtehude, Tournemire ("Fioretta" n°2 dedicated to Jean Langlais), Alain, and, by Jean LANGLAIS, 'Grands Jeux" (Suite Brève).

2018/09/16 - 11:00

Solemn Eucharist, Matthew Larkin

St Thomas's Anglican Church, Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

For the Solemn Eucharist's Prelude, Matthew Larkin, Organist and Director of Music, plays Jean LANGLAIS' "Plainte" (Suite brève).

2018/09/16 - 16:00

Roquevaire Organ Festival, concert "Tuba and Organ", Thomas Leleu (Tuba) and David Cassan (Organ)

Church St Vincent, Roquevaire (France)

At the 22nd Roquevaire Organ Festival, a special program for Tuba and Organ given by Thomas Leleu (tuba) and David Cassan (organ), with transcriptions of works by Haendel, St Saëns, Elgar, Wagner, Rachmaninov, Bernstein, between others, with Jean LANGLAIS "Chant de paix" (Neuf Pièces) for tuba and organ. Also an organ improvisation by David Cassan on a heme given by the audience.

2018/09/22 - 12:00

"Noon Concert", Gereon Krahforst, orgue.

Abbaye de Maria Laach (Allemagne)

In the "Noon Concerts" series, organist Gereon Krahforst plays works by Bach, MacMaster, Barblan, Mendelssohn,and, by Jean LANGLAIS, "Grand Jeu" (Suite Baroque).

2018/09/23 - 16:00

Katelyn Emerson plays works by JS Bach, Böhm, Hollins, Laurin, Howells, Parry, Dupré, Jongen, Widor, and, by Jean LANGLAIS, "Thème et variations" (Hommage à Frescobaldi).

2018/09/28 - 20:00

Concert trombone and organ, Bernard Metz, trombone, Maurice Clerc, organ

Collégiale de Thann (France)

For this concert "trombone and organ", Maurice Clerc, organ solo, plays, "Prélude", "Méditation" and Acclamations mérovingiennes" (Suite Médiévale).

2018/09/30 - 16:00

"From War to Peace", with Stefan Kagl, organ, and Jozsef Oopicz,alt.

Meaux Cathedral (France)

In a program titled "from War to Peace" Stefan Kagl, organ, plays organ works by Howells, Vierne, Hakim, and, by Jean LANGLAIS, "Chant de paix" and "Chant héroïque" (Neuf Pièces),and accompany haute-contre Jozsef Opicz in works by Bach, Humfrey, Cornélius, Dvorak, Reger, Boulanger, and Quilter.