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2011/09/04 - 16:30

2011/09/09 - 21:00

Dedication of the new Cattiaux organ

église Saint-Pierre-Saint-Paul, Courbevoie (Hauts-de-Seine), France

For the dedication of the new Cattiaux organ in the church Saint-Pierre-Saint-Paul in Courbevoie (France), Olivier Latry played works by Mozart, Boëly, Schumann, Litaize, Alain and "Cantilène" from Jean LANGLAIS Suite Brève before ending with improvisations on the gregorian "Veni Creator" submitted to him by the organ builder Bertrand Cattiaux.

2011/09/11 - 11:00

Solemn Mass

St Ignatius of Antioch Episcopal Church, New York City

On the special day of September 11th, at the Sunday Solemn Mass, St Ignatius Choir sings Jean LANGLAIS "Missa in simplicitate" by Jean Langlais under direction of organist and choirmaster Douglas Keilitz.

2011/09/25 - 16:00

Organ and Orchestra Concert. Bruno Mathieu, organ, "Jeune Philarmonie de Seine-Saint-Denis"orchestra directed by Arthur Dubois

La Madeleine church, Paris

Bruno Mathieu will be the soloist of the Jean LANGLAIS "First Organ Concerto" for organ and orchestra, directed by Arthur Dubois conducting the "Jeune Philarmonie de Seine-Saint-Denis". Priory, honouring the 20th anniversary of Jean LANGLAIS' death, Bruno Mathieu will play some organ solo pieces by Langlais, "Te Deum", "Intermezzo" (3rd Symphony) and "Poem of Happiness".