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2011/11/01 - 16:15

2011/11/04 - 19:00

6th International Music Festival, Christophe Guida, organ, and Ural State Chamber Choir, dir. Vladislav Novik

Perm (Russia)

Jean LANGLAIS "Messe Solennelle" has been performed by Ural State Chamber Choir dir. Vladislav Novik, and organist Christophe Guida, along with works by Dupré and Tariverdiev, in the 6th International Music Festival of Perm (Russia)

2011/11/13 - 11:00

2011/11/13 - 16:00

2 Organs Recital, with Kenneth Danchik and Donald Fellows

Saint-Paul Cathedral, Pittsburgh, Penn

Kenneth Danchik, St Paul Cathedral organist, and Donald Fellows, play a 2 organs programme, including Jean LANGLAIS "Canzona", (Folkloric Suite), adapted for 2 organs by Kenneth Danchik.

2011/11/16 - 12:30

2011/11/20 - 11:00

Sunday 11.am Eucharist, The Choir of Men and Boys, dir. Benjamin Bachman, Canon Director of Music, and Lawrence Thain, organ

Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, Ca

At Grace Cathedral, during Sunday 11 am. Eucharist, The Grace Cathedral Choir (Men and Boys)sing Jean LANGLAIS's "Messe Solennelle" (not the Kyrie)under direction of Benjamin Bachman, Canon Director of Music. Lawrence Thain, Cathedral's assistant organist, plays the organ.