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2017/11/04 - 20:00

Auditions d'orgue à Notre-Dame de Paris, organ recital by Bruno Matthieu

Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral

Bruno Mathieu plays works by Wagner, Widor, Dubois, and, by Jean LANGLAIS, "Orage" (Troisième Symphonie).

2017/11/07 - 20:00

"Gloria, A celebration of 20th century French music", The Stondon Singers, Lawrence Lyndon-Jones, orgue, Christopher Tinker, direction.

Church of Saint Michael, Galleywood, Chelmsford (GB)

To celebrate the Gloria in 20th century French music, The Stondon Singers, under the direction of Christopher Tinker, sing Poulenc's Gloria, Duruflé's 4 motets on gregorian themes and Jean LANGLAIS "Messe Solennelle", Lawrence Lyndon-Jones playing the organ.