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2017/07/04 - 12:00

Organ recital by Katelyn Emerson USA)

Church Saint Gilbert, Montreal (Canada)

Katelyn Emersonplays works by Buxtehude, Bach, Pachelbel, Eben, and Jean LANGLAIS' "Sonate en trio" (Allegro - Largo - Final).

2017/07/24 - 10:00

Association Jehan Alain, 49. International Organ Courses. Interpretation Course by Brett Leighton, Linz (Austria) : «From French classisicm to neo-classicism»

Romainmôtier (Switzerland)

Interpretation Course : "Autour de Jehan Alain"(July 24-30)

July 24-26 : «From French classisicm to neo-classicism» ; Works by Alain, LANGLAIS, Tournemire; selected works from the classical and early romantic period.

2017/07/25 - 16:00

Organ recital by Gereon Krahforst (Germany)

Maria Laach, Abbey Church (Germany)

Gereon Krahforst, organist of the Abbey Church, plays a program including Jean LANGLAIS "Soir" (5 Soleils) and "Final" from the Triptyque.

2017/07/25 - 20:30

Festival Langlais 2017, Ensemble Stella maris, Helmut Binder, organ, Clemens Morgenthaler, direction

Church, Saint-Brice-en-Cogles (France)

Festival Langlais in Saint-Brice-en Cogles, in the native country of Jean Langlais, dedicated to vocal and organ compositions by Jean LANGLAIS: Missa in simplicitate, Cinq motets, O salutaris op.36,Tantum ergo, Trois Antiennes à la Sainte Vierge, Regina coeli (1958), Oremus pro Pontifice op.45,3 and Tu es Petrus (1959), given by the Ensemble Stella Maris, (Germany), University students of Prof. Morgenthaler. Playing the organ, Helmut Binder.

2017/07/26 - 18:00

Ogan recital by Gereon Krahforst (Germany)

Dijon Cathedral (France)

Gereon Krahforst plays a program including excepts of Jean LANGLAIS Livre Oecuménique.