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2018/07/06 - 10:00

AGO Kansas City National Convention, Kathleen Thomerson conference on "Jean Langlais playing His Own Works"

Sheraton Crown Center Hotel, Kansas City MO (USA)

Kathleen Thomerson, one of the first American disciples of Jean Langlais, speaks about "Jean Langlais playing His Own Works"-with excerpts on the very first Microsillons 33 tours recorded by the composer in the Fifties.

2018/07/07 - 17:00

"Krieg & Frieden 1648/1918", organ recital by Stefan Kagl (Germany)

Lansberg Kirche (Germany)

Stegfan Kagl plays organ works by Vierne, Ireland, Howells, Hakim and, by Jean LANGLAIS, "Fête" and "Chant de paix", "Chant héroïque" (Neuf Pièces)" in a program titled "Krieg & Frieden 1648/1918).

2018/07/08 - 16:00

Organ recital by Leo Abbott (USA)

Eglise abbatiale Saint-Ouen, Rouen (France)

Leo Abbott (USA) plays organ works by Mendelssohn, Guridi, Widor, Whiting and by Jean LANGLAIS, the "Hymne d'Action de Grâces - Te Deum" (Trois Paraphrases grégoriennes).

2018/07/10 - 20:00

"Ars in Cathedrali", Summer concerts 2018, "In Simplicitate", Ensemble Psallentes and Bart Jacobs, organ

Cathedral St Michel et Gudule, Bruxelles (Belgium)

In the Series "Ars in Cathedrali" at the St Michel and Gudule Cathedral in Bruxelles, the Vocal'Ensemble Psallentes and organist Bart Jacobs, sing gregorian chants, works by Bull, Buxtehude and Karg-Elert around the different movements of Jean LANGLAIS "Missa in Simplicitate" .

2018/07/10 - 20:30

14th Festival Jean Langlais, concert for violin and organ, Anne Robert, violon, and Jacques Boucher, organ (Canada)

Church, Saint Brice-en-Coglès (France)

As an opening to the 14th Jean Langlais Festival, Anne Robert, violon, and Jacques Boucher, organ (Canada) play works by Bach, Gounod, Rheinberger, Boulnois, and, by Jean LANGLAIS, the "Mouvement en l'honneur de mes ancêtres bretons" for flute or violin.

2018/07/11 - 17:00

"Festival Visage des Orgues", organ recital by Matthieu de Miguel (France)

Nantes Cathedral (France)

French organist Matthieu de Miguel opens the French organ Festival "Visage des orgues) with organ works by Bonnet, Bridge, Tournemire, Duruflé, Fleury, Grunenwald, Vierne, and, by Jean LANGLAIS, "Mors et Resurrectio" (Trois Paraphrases grégoriennes)

2018/07/11 - 20:00

"Krieg & Frieden 1648/1918", organ recital by Stefan Kagl (Germany)

Konstantinsbasilika, Trier (Germany)

In his program "Krieg & Frieden 1648/1918", Stefan Kagl plays organ works by Reger, Vierne, Ireland, Howells, Hakim, and, by Jean LANGLAIS :"Fête", "Chant de paix" and "Chant héroïque" (Neuf Pièces).

2018/07/14 - 18:00

"Herforder Orgelsommer 2018", organ recital by Stefan Kagl (Germany)

Herforder Münster (Germany)

Stefan Kagl, organist of the Herforder Münster, plays in his series "Herforder Orgelsommer 2018" organ works by Reger, Vierne, Ireland, Howells, Hakim, and, by Jean LANGLAIS, ""Fête" and "Chant de paix" et "Chant héroïque"( Neuf Pièces).

2018/07/24 - 20:30

14the Jean Langlais Festival, organ recital by Malcolm Archer and David Bednall (GB)

Basilique de Pontmain (France)

Malcolm Archer and David Bednall (GB) give a joint improvisation recital, David Bednall playing also Jean LANGLAIS "Hymne d'action de Grâces, Te Deum" (Trois Paraphrases grégoriennes)

2018/07/25 - 19:30

Organ recital by Katelyn Emerson (USA)

Douglas Lee Chapel, Elizabeth Hall, Stetson University, Deland, Florida (USA)

Katelyn Emerson (USA) plays organ works by Buxtehude, Mozart, Parry, Laurin, and Jean LANGLAIS' "Trio" (Triptyque) "Trio" du Triptyque de Jean LANGLAIS.

2018/07/26 - 20:30

Concert soprano and organ,Françoise Masset, soprano, and Dominique Pasquet, organ

Protestant Church St Martin, Bärr (France)

Soprano Françoise Masset, and organist Dominique Pasquet interpret works by Vierne, Dupré, Pasquet, Puig-Roget, Ropartz, Girod, and, by Jean LANGLAIS, "Kyrie"and "Gloria" from the " Missa in simplicitate" and the "Légende de la Ville d'Ys".