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2018/02/02 - 18:00

"Pipeworks Organ Recital", Carole O'Connor, orgue

Ireland's National Concert Hall, Dublin (Irland)

In the "Pipeworks Organ Series", at the Dublin Concert Hall (Dublin, Irland), Carole O'Connor plays works by Liszt and the entire "Homage to Rameau" (Ostinato - Meditation - Evocation) by Jean LANGLAIS

2018/02/03 - 11:00

Organ recital by Bruno Mathieu

Church of Recklinghausen (Germany)

Bruno Mathieu plays Jean LANGLAIS' "Troisième Symphonie" (Introduction - Cantabile - Intermezzo - Un dimanche matin à New-York- Orage).

2018/02/04 - 11:00

Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany, Mass, Kenneth Lowenberg, organ

National City Christian Church, Washington, DC (USA)

At the Fifth Sunday Mass after the Epiphany, Kenneth Lowenberg, organ, plays Jean LANGLAIS' " Pièces Modales° n°1 et 8.

2018/02/18 - 15:00

Organ recital by Martin Welzel (Germany)

St. Mary Cathedral, Le Cap, South Africa

Martin Welzel plays organ works by JS Bach, Mendelssohn, Whitlock, Bridge, Baker, and, by Jean LANGLAIS, "Thème et variations" (Hommage à Frescobaldi)

2018/02/18 - 17:00

Organ recital by Didier Hennuyer (France)

Eglise Saint-Augustin, Paris (France)

Didier Hennuyer selected, for his recital, organ selections by Mulet, Ermend Bonnal, Messiaen, Guilmant, and, by Jean LANGLAIS, the first of the THREE VOLUNTARIES published by Fitzimons (USA) about 50 years ago, "Voluntary St Jacques le Majeur", a score now permanently out of print but often played by Didier Hennuyer.

2018/02/21 - 17:00

Organ recital by Katelyn Emerson (USA)

St Paul Chapel, New-York NY (USA)

Katelyn Emersonplays works by JS Bach, Buxtehude, Muffat, Duruflé, and Jean LANGLAIS' "Thème et variations" (Hommage à Frescobaldi)

2018/02/24 - 15:00

Organ recital by Stephen Hamilton (USA)

St Michael's Lutheran Church, Bloomington MN (USA)

Stephen Hamilton plays works ny Mouret, Franck, Coe, Boellmann and, by Jean LANGLAIS, "Hymne d'action de Grâces, Te Deum" (Trois Paraphrases grégoriennes).

2018/02/25 - 15:00

Organ Recital Series 2018, Heather Easting, organ (Nouvelle-Zélande)

St James'Anglican Church, Wellington (New Zealand)

Organist Heather Eastings plays works by Bach, Howells, Duruflé, and Jean LANGLAIS' "Hommage à Frescobaldi".