Jean Langlais

1907 - 2007


Here are the some of the main festivals, concerts, seminars, master classes, etc., organized monthly throughout 2007:
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2007/01/20 - 08:30
"Happy 100th Birthday, Maestro Jean Langlais!"
School of Music, College of Fine Arts, University of Texas at Austin
During the University of Texas Sacred Music Workshop organised by Gerre HANCOCK (8:30am to 6:pm), Kathleen THOMERSON gave two talks, on saturday january 20, on the following subjects :
1. "Folklore in the Music of Jean Langlais", with compositions including Suite Armoricaine (piano), Folkloric Suite and Huit Chants de Bretagne (organ), La Ville d'Is, 9 Chansons Folkloriques, Noëls populaires anciens (choir), 9 Pièces for trimpet and organ
2."Langlais's Favorites of His Own Compositions", with compositions including Libera me Domine, Mass "in simplicitate", Première Symphonie, Trois Oraisons, Ligne and Plainte (Suite Brève)
2007/01/20 - 12:00
137e Angelus-Matinee, Gereon KRAHFORST, organist
Paderborn Cathedral (Germany)
In honour of Jean LANGLAIS centenary, Paderborn dom organist Gereon KRAHFORST plays excerpts of LANGLAIS Suite Baroque (Dialogue, Tremolo en taille, Plein Jeu)
2007/01/27 - 12:00
138th Angelus-Matinee, Gereon KRAHFORST
Paderborn Cathedral (Germany)
Paderborn domorganist Gereon KRAHFORST, plays, in Hommage to Jean LANGLAIS, some excerpts from his "Suite Baroque" (Flutes, Dialogue, Voix humaine, Grand jeu) during the 138th Angelus-Matinee at the Dom.