Jean Langlais

1907 - 2007


Here are the some of the main festivals, concerts, seminars, master classes, etc., organized monthly throughout 2007:
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2007/08/01 - 20:00
Organ recital James-David CHRISTIE
Dome Cathedral, Tallinn (Estonia)
During the XXIth Edition of the Organ International Festival in Tallinn, James-Christie pays homage to Jean LANGLAIS in playing his "Acclamations carolingiennes" from "Suite Médiévale" and also his own homage, "Elegie", written in 2006 to Jean Langlais memory.
Other works played in this programme include names of Ropartz, Barié, Alain, Pinkham and Guilmant.
2007/08/03 - 20:00
Orgelconcerten Breda Festival 2007 : Jean LANGLAIS
Eglise Notre-Dame, Breda (Netherlands): Bas de VROOME, organ
Bach - Alain (Three Dances)
Jean LANGLAIS : Organ Book
Bas de VROOME (Delft), organ
2007/08/03 - 20:00
Homage to Jean LANGLAIS : Bernhard LEONARDY
Basilika St Johann, Saarebrucken (Germany)
To honour the memmory of Jean LANGLAIS, the organist Bernhard LEONARDY, titular-organist of the Basilika St Johann in Saarebrucken (Germany) will play, on this organ, Jean LANGLAIS complete Neuf Pieces.
2007/08/03 - 20:30
45th International Organ Cycle:Buxtehude-Langlais
Anvers Cathedral (Belgium)
Organ recital by Peter VAN DE VELDE, cathedral organist (Anvers, Belgium)
2007/08/05 - 16:00
Hommage à Jean LANGLAIS
Cathédrale St Pierre, Rennes (France)
The Sainte-Clotilde School at St Pierre Cathedral of Rennes (Franck-Tournemire-Langlais), with, by Langlais, the Diptyque for piano and organ, and the 3 Meditations sur la Sainte-Trinité.
Domitille BES, piano, Guillaume LE DREAU, organ.
2007/08/05 - 18:00
Orgelsommer Herford- Recital W.SIEBER (Suisse)
Neuapostolissche Kirche, Herford (Allemagne)
Wolfgang SIEBER (Switzerland) plays Jean LANGLAIS (Boystown, place of peace and Themes from Mosaïque)along with Messiaen and his own works in the Summer Cycle in Herford dedicated this year to the Paris organ school and the Jean LANGLAIS centenary.
2007/08/06 - 20:00
Carinthischer Sommer Festival 2007
Stiftskirche Ossiach (Autriche)
During the Summer Carinthian Festival(dir. Thomas-Daniel SCHLEE), Gabor BOLDOCZKI, trumpet, will play Jean Langlais "Sonatine pour trompette et orgue", accompanied at the organ by Martin BERNREUTHER.
2007/08/07 - 20:00
Carinthischer Sommer Festival 2007
Stiftskirche Ossiach
During the Carintischer Summer Festival 2007, Pierre COGEN will be the soloist of the Jean LANGLAIS "Piece in free form" with the PAVEL HAAS QUARTET, and will play organ solo pieces (Légende de Saint-Nicolas and "Ein'Feste Burg ist unser Gott"
2007/08/07 - 20:00
InternationalOrgan Festival: Marie-Louise LANGLAIS
Hofkirche, Luzern (Switzerland)
To pay homage to Jean LANGLAIS, Marie-Louise LANGLAIS plays his "Troisième Symphonie" (Introduction-cantabile-intermezzo-New-York on a sunday morning-Orage)on the Kuhn organ of the Luzern Hofkirche
2007/08/08 - 21:30
Ensemble Vocal Seqenza 9.3, dir.C.SIMONPIETRI
Abbaye de Valloires (France)
The French A Capella Ensemble, directed by Catherine SIMONPIETRI, sings Duruflé, Escaich, and Jean LANGLAIS "Mass in Ancient Style"
2007/08/10 - 19:00
Jean LANGLAIS centennial
Eglise Sainte-Croix de Saint-Servan à Saint-Malo (France)
Sylvie BECDELIEVRE, soprano, and Florence ROUSSEAU, organ, will present voice and organ pieces by Jean LANGLAIS (Trois Prières, Missa "in simplicitate") and Langlais "Te Deum" for organ, as well as works by his friends Jehan Alain, Charles Tournemire and Olivier Messiaen.
2007/08/10 - 20:00
Orgelconcerten Breda 2007 : Festival Jean LANGLAIS
Eglise Notre-Dame de Breda (NL)-Chrsitine KAMP, organ
Christine KAMP (Weesp) plays LANGLAIS (Contrastes) and Louis Vierne
2007/08/10 - 20:00
Organ Recital Bram BEEKMAN (Tilburg)
Cuyperskerk, Sas van Gent (Pays-Bas)
Parts of Jean LANGLAIS "Suite française" will be played in concert by the organist Bram BEEKMAN (Française - Arabesque sur les flûtes - Final rhapsodique)
2007/08/12 - 04:00
2nd International Organ Festival
Cathédrale de Monaco, Marie-Louise LANGLAIS, organ
During her recital at the Monaco Cathedral, Marie-Louise LANGLAIS will play Franck, Tournemire, and as an homage to Jean LANGLAIS, Canzona - Canticle - Incantation pour un Jour Saint- chant de paix - Te Deum
2007/08/12 - 10:00
Carintischer Sommer 2007 : Sunday Mass
Stiftskirche Ossiach (Autriche)
During the Holy Mass, Daniela TREFFNER (alt) and Martin NOWAK (organ) will perform Jean LANGLAIS' "Mass in Simplicitate"
2007/08/12 - 10:00
Orgelsommer in Herford (Ger),Colin WALSH (GB)
Jakobi Kirche, Herford (Ger)
The Lincoln Cathedral organist, Colin WALSH, plays LANGLAIS (Suite Breve and Evocation from Homage to Rameau)as welle as works by Messiaen, Litaize, Duruflé and Franck, in the cycle "Orgelsommer in Herford" dedicated to the french organ school and Jean LANGLAIS centenary.
2007/08/12 - 10:00
Musica sacra - Musik in der Liturgie
Paderborn Dom (Germany)
From Jean LANGLAIS "8 Pièces modales":
Communion : -mode de Do (n°6)
Sortie : mode de sol (n°8)
Gereon KRAHFORST, Domorganist
2007/08/12 - 16:00
Homage to LANGLAIS with women voices
Chapelle du Grand Seminaire, Rennes (France)
Motets and melodies for women voices by Jean LANGLAIS, with Patricia GONZALEZ, Alix LEPAROUX, Sylvie BECDELIEVRE, voices, Domitille BES, piano, Frédéric RIVOAL, organ
2007/08/13 - 20:00
2007/08/14 - 20:00
2007/08/14 - 20:00
2007/08/15 - 10:00
Assumption Mass, recorded live by Radio-France
Dol-de-Bretagne Cathedral (France)
Jean LANGLAIS Missa Salve Regina will be sung and recorded live by Radio-France (France-Culture)during the Assumption Mass at the Dol-de-Bretagne Cathedral, by the Royal Holloway Choir (London University Choir), local choirs, brasses ensemble, Samuel CARRE and Samuel RATHBONE, organs, directed by Rupert GOUGH
2007/08/15 - 16:00
Homage to Jean LANGLAIS, Assumption Day
Abbaye Saint Melaine, Rennes (France)
On the day of the Assumption, Helène MOULIN, voice, and Mickaël DURAND will interprete LANGLAIS Missa in simplicitate and assumption musics.
2007/08/16 - 20:30
Festival Jean LANGLAIS: choirs, brasses, organs
Cathedrale de Dol-de-Bretagne (France)
Organised by the "Association des Amis de Jean LANGLAIS", this concert is devoted to his music : Missa Salve Regina, motets, works for trumpet and organ, for organ solo (Suite Brève), with The Royal Holloway Choir (University of London), local choirs, brasses ensemble, Samuel CARRE, Rupert GOUGH and Samuel RATHBONE, organs, under the direction of Rupert GOUGH.
2007/08/17 - 19:00
Festival du Centenaire de Jean LANGLAIS
Eglise Ste-Croix de Saint-Servan (France); David BEDNALL (GB), organ
Organ Recital entierely devoted to Jean LANGLAIS works given by David BEDNALL (GB) at the Ste-Croix Church in Saint-Servan (France), who plays :
Incantation pour un Jour Saint, Chant de paix, Prelude modal and Fantaisie (24 Pieces), Suite Medievale, 3 Paraphrases Grégoriennes, at both Cavaille-Coll organs, Grand Orgue and Orgue de choeur.
2007/08/17 - 20:00
Orgelconcerten Breda Festival 2007 : Jean LANGLAIS
Eglise Notre-Dame, Breda (NL) : Peter van de VELDE, organ
Peter van de VELDE (Anvers) plays LANGLAIS (3e Symphonie, extr. fom Livre Oecumenique and 9 Pieces), Bach and Hakim
2007/08/19 - 11:12
2007/08/19 - 17:00
Festival Cantica Sacra
Rocamadour Basilica (France)
A special homage to Jean LANGLAIS during the Festival "Cantica Sacra" at Rocamadour Basilica, with the "Missa in Simplicitate" and the 5 Motets for equal voices and organ, given by le Choeur d'enfants et le Jeune Choeur de la Maîtrise des Bouches-du-Rhône directed by Samuel COQUARD with Chantal de ZEEUW, organ.
2007/08/19 - 17:00
2007/08/19 - 18:00
Orgelsommer in Herford, Flemming DREISIG (Dk)
St Paulus Kirche, Herford (Germany)
In the organ cycle "Orgelsommer in Herford",dedicated this year to the french school and Jean LANGLAIS centenary, Danish organist Flemming DREISIG (Copenhagen Dom) plays Jean LANGLAIS first organ symphony (Allegro-Eglogue-Choral-Final) along with works by Franck, Tournemire, Vierne
2007/08/20 - 16:00
2007/08/20 - 21:00
La Maîtrise des Bouches-du-Rhône, dir.S.COQUARD
Abbaye Ste Foy, Conques (France)
Homage to Jean LANGLAIS by the Chidren Choir and the Jeune Choeur from the Maîtrise des Bouches-du-Rhône, directed by Samuel COQUARD. Organ : Chantal de ZEEUW.
"Missa in Simplicitate "and 5 Motets will be sung.
2007/08/21 - 18:00
2007/08/21 - 20:00
2007/08/22 - 21:00
Grand Festival du Centenaire Jean LANGLAIS
Eglise de Pontorson (France)
La Camerata Coral de la Universidad de Cantabria (Spain) is part of the Jean LANGLAIS Centennial Festival, singing his "Messe Solennelle" (4 mixed voices and organs) at the Pontorson church (France), near by the Mont-Saint-Michel.
2007/08/23 - 20:00
Festival Jean LANGLAIS
Eglise de Cancale (France)
Margit Lykke CHRISTENSEN (mezzo soprano) and Marie-Louise LANGLAIS (orgue) will give a concert for the Festival Jean LANGLAIS. They will perform together Langlais Missa in simplicitate and Trois Prières for one voice and organ. ML Langlais will play solo extracts of Fokloric Suite and 3rd Symphony.
2007/08/24 - 20:00
Orgelconcerten Breda Festival 2007 : Jean LANGLAIS
Eglise Notre-Dame, Breda (NL) : Arjen LEISTRA, organ
Arjen LEISTRA (Rotterdam) plays LANGLAIS (Suite Brève), Franck and Dupré
2007/08/24 - 20:00
2007/08/25 - 19:00
2007/08/26 - 18:00
Orgelsommer in Herford-J.PARKER-SMITH (GB)
Herforder Münster (Ger)
English organist Jane PARKER-SMITH plays Jean LANGLAIS (Fête, La Nativité) in the summer organ cycle dedicated to french music and Jean LANGLAIS centenary, along with works by Dupré, Tournemire and Franck.
2007/08/29 - 20:30
Ensemble Vocal Ad Limina, E.Le Divellec, organ
Guégon church (Morbihan - France)
The Swiss Vocal Ensemble "Ad Limina" will present for the Jean LANGLAIS centenary the Mass "Caro Mea",a suite of vocal pieces from the "Messe d'Escalquens" and the "Corpus Christi" for equal voices and organ, with improvisations by Emmanuel Le DIVELLEC at the organ.
2007/08/30 - 20:30
Trumpet and organ
Cathédrale Saint-Samson, Dol-de-Bretagne (France)
Isabelle FONTAINE, organ, and Jean-Paul SALAUD, trumpet,play Jean LANGLAIS (Suite Médiévale and 5 from the 9 Pieces for trumpet and organ) at the organ of Dol-de-Bretagne Cathedral.
2007/08/31 - 20:00
Orgelconcerten Breda Festival 2007 : Jean LANGLAIS
Eglise Notre-Dame, Breda (Pays-Bas) : Naji HAKIM, organ
As a conclusion for this 2007 organ festival in Breda, Naji HAKIM plays LANGLAIS (Mosaïque, Paraphrases Grégoriennes) and HAKIM (Hommage à Jean Langlais)