Jean Langlais

1907 - 2007


Here are the some of the main festivals, concerts, seminars, master classes, etc., organized monthly throughout 2007:
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2007/04/08 - 16:00
Concert Spirituel de Pâques : Hommage à J.LANGLA
Eglise Saint-Nicolas du Chardonnet, Paris, France. Marie-Agnes GRALL-MENET, orgue
During the Easter Concert, Marie-Agnès GRALL-MENET, titulaire-organist, plays 3 Langlais pieces : Canzona (Folkloric Suite), Cantilène (Suite Brève), Pasticcio (Organ Book)"in homage to her master Jean LANGLAIS at the occasion of the 100 years of his birthday".
2007/04/11 - 00:00
LANGLAIS 100 (Organ Promotion and the GDO), Paris
Paris organs, visits, workshops, conferences, concerts
For the centenary of Jean Langlais birth, the German "Organ Promotion" and the Gesellschaft der Orgelfreunde organize a travel and organ visit to Paris (April 11-15).With Stefan KAGL,Dominique LEVACQUE, Pascale MELIS, Helga SCHAUERTE for the LANGLAIS presentation.
2007/04/14 - 11:00
RCO Conference - Video on Jean LANGLAIS
Selwynn College, Cambridge (GB)
During the Seminar organized by the Royal College of Organists in Cambridge (Selwynn College), Marie-Louise LANGLAIS gives a Lecture - Video on Jean LANGLAIS
2007/04/14 - 16:00
RCO : Organ Recital Marie-Louise LANGLAIS
Selwynn College, Cambridge (England)
As part of the 3 days courses and conference on Jean Langlais, Marie-Louise Langlais will play an organ recital dedicated to "L'Ecole de Sainte-Clotilde" (Franck-Tournemire-Langlais).
This is part of the Royal College of Organists course in Cambridge (April 12-14, 2007)
2007/04/24 - 00:00
Orgelconcerten Breda Festival 2007 : Jean LANGLAIS
Eglise Notre-Dame Breda (NL) : Arjen LEISTRA, organ
Arjen Leistra (Rotterdam) plays Langlais (Suite Brève), Franck and Dupré
2007/04/29 - 16:00
Concert Exceptionnel Jean LANGLAIS
Eglise de Chantrezac (France)
Special Concert for Jean LANGLAIS centenary celebration, organized by his son Claude, with a very dense programme including organ, vocal and chamber music : Piece in free form for string quartet and organ, Missa in Simplicitate, Vitrail for clarinet and organ, organ solo pieces (Nativité and Te Deum) and Diptyque for piano and organ. The interpreters include Claude LANGLAIS, piano and organ, Jean-Marc HOUDARD, clarinet, Nathanaëlle LANGLAIS, singer, Peter WRIGHT, organ and Frederic CALENDREAU, organ.
2007/04/29 - 17:00
2007/04/29 - 19:00
Jean LANGLAIS, choral works
Radio Suisse Romande (CH), Espace 2, "Chant Libre"
Jean-Pierre Amann, radio producer, dedicates his one hour "chant libre" on Radio Suisse Romande (french swiss radio)to the vocal works of Jean LANGLAIS, featuring parts of Langlais works as Missa Salve Regina (Westminster Cathedral Choir, Hyperion, GB), Missa Misericordiae Domini (Ensemble Jean Sourisse, Syrius, France), Missa in simplicitate (Maîtrise de Notre-Dame de Paris, Nicole Corti, Studio SM), Corpus Christi (Ensemble féminin Ad Limina, Hortus, France). Interview with Marie-Louise Langlais, who promotes the Cd made by the swiss choral ensemble "Ad Limina", titled : Jean Langlais : Caro mea, "Messe Solennelle", on an idea of Daniel Hameline, and with improvisations by Emmanuel Le Divellec.