Jean Langlais

1907 - 2007


Here are the some of the main festivals, concerts, seminars, master classes, etc., organized monthly throughout 2007:
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2007/10/01 - 20:00
2007/10/04 - 21:00
Homage to Jean LANGLAIS, choirs and organ
XIth International Organ Festival, Roquevaire (France)
Marie-Louise LANGLAIS, organ, and the "Maîtrise des Bouches-du-Rhone, dir.Samuel COQUARD are the guests for this Homage to Jean LANGLAIS, composed only with LANGLAIS vocal and organ works : Missa in Simplicitate, 5 Motets, 3 Prières, Messe d'Escalquens, Cantate à Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort (creation), for equal voices and organ, Incantation pour un Jour Saint, Pasticcio (Organ Book), Canzona,Cantique (Folkloric Suite), organ solo.
Recording by SOLSTICE of the 1rst CD of the Maîtrise des Bouches-du-Rhône at this occasion and with this programme.
2007/10/06 - 12:00
161th Angelus-Matinee, Buxtehude-Langlais cycle
Paderborn Cathedral (Germany), Domorganist Gereon KRAHFORST, organ
Paderborn Cathedral organist Gereon KRAHFORST plays "Expressions" n°1,2,3,4, Contrepoint sur des jeux d'anches and Prelude sur les grands jeux from Jean LANGLAIS Suite Française
2007/10/07 - 10:00
2007/10/07 - 10:00
2007/10/07 - 10:30
Messe-Hommage à Jean LANGLAIS
Escalquens, église Saint-Martin
During the 2007 "Toulouse-Les Orgues" Festival, the Jean LANGLAIS "Messe d'Escalquens" , first vocal mass for 2 equal voices, composed by Langlais in 1935, will be sung by the Ensemble "Musica Nova" (dir.Mark OPSTADT)in the church where it has been performed for the first time, in 1935, church St Martin, Escalquens.
2007/10/10 - 21:00
Organ Recital Marie-Louise LANGLAIS
Rovigo Cathedral (Italy)
In honour of Jean LANGLAIS centenary, Marie-Louise LANGLAIS plays a recital of french organ music at Rovigo Cathedral (Italy) with some of Jean LANGLAIS works : Pasticcio, Canzona, Canticle (Fokloric Suite), Incantation pour un Jour Saint, "La cinquième trompette" (5 Meditations on the Apocalyspe) together with works by Marchand, de Grigny, Alain, Tournemire and Hakim
2007/10/13 - 12:00
162thAngelus-Matinee, Buxtehude-Langlais cycle
Paderborn Cathedral (Germany), Domorganist Gedeon KRAHFORST, organ
Gereon KRAHFORST plays Jean LANGLAIS exctracts from Suite Française : Choral sur la voix humaine, Méditation sur les jeux de fonds, Arabesque sur les flûtes in the Buxtehude-Langlais cycle at Paderborn Cathedral.
2007/10/13 - 21:00
Jean LANGLAIS, centenario della nascita
Basilica San Savino, Piacenza (Italy)
The "Coro Polifonico Padano", dir. Rosalia Dell'Acqua, Maurizio SALETTI, flute, and Marie-Louise LANGLAIS, orgue, will give a concert dedicated to Jean LANGLAIS dor the centenary of his birth, with the following works by LANGLAIS : 3 Oraisons (flute, voice, organ), 3 of the 5 Motets (2 voices and organ), Libera me Domine (3 voices and organ), Messe d'Escalquens (2 equal voices and organ).For organ solo, Canticle, Canzona (Folkloric Suite), Intermezzo (3rd Symphony), Incantation pour un Jour Saint, and works by Franck and Tournemire.
2007/10/14 - 10:00
2007/10/14 - 16:00
Organ recital by Diana AKERS
The Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea, Palm Beach (Floride)
Homage to Jean LANGLAIS by Diana AKERS, organ, who plays in her recital "Ave Maria, ave maris stella" (3 Paraphrases Grégoriennes) and "Acclamations Carolingiennes" (Suite Médiévale)by Langlais.
2007/10/14 - 17:00
2007/10/15 - 19:30
Jean Langlais zum 100 : H-D.Möller, organ
Internationales düsseldorfer orgelfestival, St Antonius, Düsseldorf (Germany)
Prof. Hans-Dieter Möller celebrates Jean LANGLAIS centenary, playng Franck, Tournemire and Langlais (Boystown, place of peace, Chant héroïque, Chant de paix) and improvising on the name of Jean Langlais.
2007/10/18 - 13:15
2007/10/20 - 12:00
163th Angelus-Matinee, Buxtehude-Langlais cycle
Paderborn Cathedral (Germany), Domorganist Gereon KRAHFORST, organ
Gereon KRAHFORST plays Jean LANGLAIS extracts from Mosaïque (Stele pour G.Faure, Pax) and Chant de Joie (9 Pieces) in his Buxtehude-Langlais cycle.
2007/10/21 - 10:00
2007/10/21 - 11:00
2007/10/21 - 16:00
Homage to LANGLAIS, Marie-Louise LANGLAIS, organ
Trinity Cathedral, Phoenix, Arizona
Marie-Louise LANGLAIS plays the Sainte-Clotilde composers (Franck-Tournemire) and Jean LANGLAIS "american" Third Symphony (Big Texas-Californian Evocation - Scherzo/cats - New-York on a sunday morning - Storm in Florida)
Video-Conference on Jean LANGLAIS by Marie-Louise LANGLAIS, at 3.15, before the concert, at the Cathedral.
see internet link :
2007/10/24 - 07:00
Organ Recital Marie-Louise LANGLAIS
Our Lady of the Atonement church, San Antonio (Texas)
Organ Recital in honour of Jean LANGLAIS centennial, given by Marie-Louise LANGLAIS, with works from the Renaissance to Jean LANGLAIS (Big Texas, Scherzo-Cats (American Suite), Canzona, Canticle (Folkloric Suite), Incantation pour un Jour Saint)
2007/10/27 - 12:00
164th. Angelus-Matinee, Buxtehude-Langlais cycle
Paderborn Cathedral (Germany), Domorganist Gereon KRAHFORST, organ
Gereon KRAHFORST, organ, plays 2 chorals by Jean LANGLAIS from Livre Oecumenique ("Vater unser" and "Eine feste Burg ist unser Gott")in the Buxtehude-Langlais cycle at the Paderborn Cathedral.
2007/10/27 - 20:30
Messe Solennelle
Basilique Sainte-Anne d'Auray (France)
In honour of the centennial, the Academy of Music and the Maîtrise of Sainte-Anne d'Auray will sing Jean LANGLAIS motets and "Messe Solennelle", Richard QUESNEL conducting with Mickaël GABORIEAU and Michel JEZO, organs.
2007/10/28 - 10:00
2007/10/28 - 10:30
2007/10/28 - 11:00
2007/10/28 - 16:00
Organ Recital Marie-Louise LANGLAIS
Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Newark (NJ)
In honours of Jean LANGLAIS centenary, Marie-Louise LANGLAIS plays the "Sainte-Clotilde School"
(Franck-Tournemire-Langlais) at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Newark (NJ)
2007/10/28 - 17:00
Hommage à LANGLAIS
4th International Organ Cycle Kronach (Germany)
Jean LANGLAIS : Diptyque pour piano et orgue.
Johann Gottlieb VON WROCHEM ( piano) and Marius POPP (organ)
JS Bach - J.Ch Bach - D.Milhaud
2007/10/29 - 19:30