Jean Langlais

1907 - 2007


Here are the some of the main festivals, concerts, seminars, master classes, etc., organized monthly throughout 2007:
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2007/07/01 - 11:30
Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris
America will celebrate Jean LANGLAIS' centenary birthday,american choirs singing during the 11am Mass "Missa Salve Regina" and 3 Motets by Jean LANGLAIS (brasses, mixed and equal voices and organs).
The participating choirs come from Naples (Florida), St Louis (Missouri), Dallas (Texas) plus the english choir from the Hill House Scholl (London), directed by David R.Davison.
2007/07/01 - 16:00
Homage to Jean LANGLAIS
Eglise Saint-Roch, Paris (France)
The Association "Les Amis de Saint Roch" present a concert-homage to Jean LANGLAIS,with the participation of american choirs (Naples United Church of Christ, Fl et LaDue Chapel Choir, St Louis, Missouri)and an english choir (Hill House School, London), a brass ensemble and many organists, including Françoise LEVECHIN, the titulaire organist and her guest Marie-Danièle MERCIER (New-York), Marie-Louise LANGLAIS, Christina HARMON, David ERWIN.
They will perform, among other pieces, Jean LANGLAIS "Salve Regina Mass", the motet "Tu es Petrus", "Esquisses" for 2 organs and other motets and solo organ pieces.
2007/07/01 - 16:30
Lockenhauser Orgelfestival 2007
Lockenhauser Church, Austria
Organist Natascha REICH pays homage to Jean LANGLAIS for the centennial, playing apart Buxtehude and Fuchs organ works, some of Jean LANGLAIS music (Te Deum, Rosa Mystica). With Christopher HINTERHUBER, pianist, she plays Langlais "Diptyque" for piano and organ.
2007/07/02 - 17:00
St John's College Cambridge (GB)
Sedbergh School Choir will sing Evensong at St John's College, Cambridge, and Damian HOWARD will play, at the organ, Jean LANGLAIS Trois Paraphrases Gregoriennes.
2007/07/06 - 20:00
Orgel Festival Breda : Jean Langlais
Eglise Notre-Dame,Breda (Netherlands): Marcel VERHEGGEN, organ
Jean Langlais : Suite Médiévale
Saint-Saëns, Messiaen
Marcel VERHEGGEN (Maastricht), organ
2007/07/08 - 10:30
2007/07/08 - 11:00
2007/07/12 - 00:00
24th International Organ Festival at St Albans (GB
Saint-Albans Cathedral, organ competition,1/4 finale
For the first round at the International organ Competition at St Albans Cathedral (Harrison and Harrison organ) a special Jean LANGLAIS prize will be given for the best interpretation of Jean LANGLAIS "La Cinquième trompette" from 5 Meditations on the Apocalypse
2007/07/12 - 11:00
Festival de Saint-Riquier : Homage to Langlais
Long, église Saint Jean-Baptiste
Homage to Jean LANGLAIS in the Saint-Riquier Festival, with Margit Lykke CHRISTENSEN, mezzo-soprano and Marie-Louise LANGLAIS, organ.
Missa "in simplicitate" and 3 Prières for solo voice and organ, Introduction ,Intermezzo (3rd Symphony), Canzona (Folkloric Suite) and Incantation pour un jour saint for organ solo .
Organ works by Franck and Tournemire
2007/07/13 - 17:30
Organ Recital by Suzanne CHAISEMARTIN
Le Mans Cathedral (France)
Suzanne CHAISEMARTIN will pay homage to Jean LANGLAIS for his birthday's centenary in playing 4 of his organ works : "Pensez à l'Eternité" (8 Chants de Bretagne), Chant Héroïque (9 Pieces),Offertoire n°3 and Te Deum.
She will play also works by Widor, Dupré, Vierne and Duruflé.
2007/07/13 - 20:00
Breda Orgel Festival 2007/ Jean LANGLAIS
Church Notre-Dame, Breda: Petra VEENSWEIJK, organ
Petra VEENSWEIJK (Delft), organ disciple of Marie-Louise Langlais at the Paris CNR, plays the Sainte-Clotilde School : Franck - Tournemire and a large selection of Langlais works(9 Pieces, 3 Poemes evangéliques, Poem of Happiness, Postlude)
during the Breda Organ Festival 2007 dedicated to Jean Langlais
2007/07/13 - 20:00
Organ Recital by Jos VERPOORTEN
Cuyperskerk, Sas van Gent (NL)
In his organ recital, Jos VERPOORTEN plays the entire Jean LANGLAIS "Organ Book" (prelude - pastoral song - choral in e minor - flutes - musette - choral in f major - scherzando - andantino - epithalamium - pasticcio)
2007/07/13 - 20:30
45th International Organ Cycle:Buxtehude-Langlais
Anvers Cathedral (Belgium)
Organ recital by Margreeth de JONG (Middelburg, NLD)
2007/07/15 - 16:00
Organ International Festival, Chartres
Cathédrale de Chartres (France); Marie-Louise LANGLAIS, orgue
During the International Organ Festival series, Marie-Louise LANGLAIS will pay homage to Jean Langlais playing the Sainte-Clotilde School (Franck-Tournemire) and some selections of Langlais music : Incantation for a holy day, Canticle (Folkloric Suite) and the "Fifth Trumpet" (5 Meditations on the Apocalypse)
2007/07/17 - 20:00
2007/07/18 - 00:00
Cathedral or Herford (Germany):Marie-Louise LANGLAIS
At the occasion of Jean LANGLAIS birthday's centenary, there will be, at the Herford Cathedral (Germany) a Master Course given by Marie-Louise LANGLAIS on the subject "Jean LANGLAIS and the Organ Tradition of Sainte-Clotilde (July 18 - 21)
For further information please contact :
2007/07/18 - 13:00
International Organ Festival, St Albans (GB)
St.Peter's Church, St.Albans
Being jury member at the International Organ Competition in St Albans, Lynne DAVIS gives an organ recital opening by an homage to her former master Jean LANGLAIS, playing his Suite Médiévale en forme de Messe Basse (Prélude - Tiento - Improvisation - Meditation - Acclamations Carolingiennes)
2007/07/20 - 20:00
Orgelconcerten Breda Festival 2007 : Jean LANGLAIS
Notre-Dame church, Breda (Netherlands)/ Erwin WIERSINGA, organ
Bach - Couperin - Ravel
Jean Langlais : Suite Française
Erwin WIERSINGA (Roden), organ
2007/07/20 - 20:00
VORTRAG "Leben und Werk von Jean LANGLAIS"
Jakobi-Kirche, Herford (Germany)
Stefan KAGL, organist at the Herford Cathedral (Germany) will present a portrait of the life and the works of his former master Jean LANGLAIS
2007/07/20 - 20:00
24th International Organ Competition
St.Albans (GB)
The LANGLAIS prize for the best performance of "La Cinquième trompette" (Cinq Meditations sur l'Apocalypse) was awarded to Linda SITKOVA (Czek Republic)at the 24th St Albans International Organ Competition
2007/07/22 - 11:30
2007/07/22 - 16:00
2007/07/22 - 16:30
Auditions d'Orgue de ND de Paris
Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris (France)
Danish organist Niels Henrik MIELSEN (Copenhagen)
plays Jean LANGLAIS "Suite Brève" (Grands Jeux - Cantilène - Plainte - Dialogue sur les mixtures) during his concert-audition at Notre-Dame de Paris.
2007/07/22 - 18:00
Jean LANGLAIS zum 100- Organ Recital
Herford Dom (Germany) - Recital by Marie-Louise LANGLAIS
Marie-Louise LANGLAIS will play Jean LANGLAIS organ Third Symphony along with works by Franck and Tournemire during the Organ Cycle dedicated to Jean LANGLAIS birthday's centenary at the Herford Dom (Germany)
2007/07/24 - 20:00
Orgelsommer, Stefan KAGL (Ger.)
Luzern Hofkirche (Switzerland)
Cathedral Organist Stefan KAGL (Herford Dom, Germany)pays homage to his former master Jean LANGLAIS, playing "Piece de Concert" (Contrastes) dedicated to him, Canticla (Folkloric Suite) and 2nd Symphony "Alla Webern" along with pieces by Boyvin, Franck, Tournemire Ireland.
2007/07/25 - 19:30
Recital ORGAN AND PIANO, Bogota (Colombie)
Auditorium, Bibliothèque Luis Angel Arango, Bogota (Colombie)
Jean LANGLAIS Diptyque for piano and organ will be played with works of Franck, Widor, Ravel, Saint-Saëns, by Pascal MARSAULT, organ, and Serguei SYCHKOV, piano, in the Auditorium at Bogota (Colombia) Bibliothèque Luis Angel Arango Auditorium
2007/07/27 - 11:00
organ and piano: Pascal MARSAULT, Serguei SYCHKOV
Auditorium, Bibliothèque LA Arango, Bogota, Colombia
Pascal MARSAULT, organ, and Serguei SYCHKOV, piano, play Jean LANGLAIS Diptyque for piano and organ at Bibliothèque LA Arango Auditorium, Bogota, Colombia
2007/07/27 - 20:00
Orgelconcerten Breda Festival 2007 : Jean LANGLAIS
Church Notre-Dame, Breda (Netherlands): Hayo BOEREM A, organ
Franck - Hakim
Jean LANGLAIS : Huit Chants de Bretagne
à l'orgue : Hayo BOEREMA (Rotterdam)
2007/07/27 - 20:00
Opening Concert , Niguliste, Tallinn (Estonia) : Jean LANGLAIS "Missa Salve Regina"
For the opening concert of the Tallinn (Estonia)XXIth International Organ Festival(dir.Andres UIBO), the Estonian National Male Choir, dir. Mihhail GERTS, will play Jean LANGLAIS "Missa Salve Regina", Messe d'Escalquens and "Corpus Christi".
Organ : Marie-Louise LANGLAIS
2007/07/27 - 20:30
45th International Organ Cycle:Buxtehude-Langlais
Anvers Cathedral (Belgium)
Organ Recital by Stepen THARP (New-York, USA)
2007/07/31 - 20:00
Parnü Concert Hall (Estonia): Jean LANGLAIS : "Missa Salve Regina"
During the Tallinn XXI International Organ Festival(dir. Andres UIBO), Jean LANGLAIS "Missa Salve Regina", Messe d'Escalquens and "Corpus Christi" will be sung by the Estonian National Male Choir, dir. Mihhail GERTS at the Parnü Concert Hall. Marie-Louise LANGLAIS, organ